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Your Day in Health: March 17

Good news! Researchers say that walking burns way more calories than previously thought...
Your Day in Health: March 17

SCIENCE DAILY: Good News! You’re Likely Burning More Calories Than You Thought When You’re Walking

“Leading standardized equations that predict the number of calories burned under level walking conditions are relatively inaccurate — counting too few calories in 97 percent of cases, say researchers. The standards — in place for close to half a century and based on data from limited people — assume one size fits all. Researchers have now developed a new standardized equation that data indicates is up to four times more accurate.” Read full story.

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WSJ: U.K. Unveils Levy On Sugary Drinks

“The U.K. government on Wednesday unveiled a surprise levy on sugary drinks, setting up a new battleground between the global soft-drinks industry and public-policy makers aiming to curb sugar intake. While the U.K. is a relatively small market for global drink makers, executives have worried about the precedent such a move could set.” Read full story.

ICYMI: The 70 Worst Drinks That Give You a “Soda Belly”

QUARTZ: People At McDonald’s Are Now Literally Ordering Egg McMuffins As A Side Dish

“When McDonald’s began offering all-day breakfast, it gave consumers the choice of having breakfast for lunch or dinner. But that’s not what they wanted. Turns out, people want breakfast with their lunch and dinner. At least that’s what McDonald’s is finding after it introduced all-day breakfast late last year.” Read full story.

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