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Your Day in Health: March 25

Gerber recalls two organic baby food products...
Your Day in Health: March 25

CNN: Gerber Recalls Two Organic Baby Food Products

“Gerber Products Company is voluntarily recalling two organic baby foods because a packaging defect may make them susceptible to spoilage during transport and handling, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the company said Thursday.” Read full story.

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SCIENCE DAILY: Losing Weight With A High-Protein Diet Can Help Adults Sleep Better

“Overweight and obese adults who are losing weight with a high-protein diet are more likely to sleep better, according to new research. The study also has studied how dietary protein quantity, sources and patterns affect appetite, body weight and body composition.” Read full story.

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HUFFINGTON POST: So You Want A New Superfood? Meet Moringa

“There’s a superfood that’s about to be huge, and you should know about it. Moringa is a tree that grows extraordinarily fast in environments where most other plants can’t survive — dry, semi arid places like Darfur and southern Ethiopia, in addition to tropical climates. But this isn’t what makes moringa so special. It has a nutritional profile that is astounding, particularly because many of the remarkable claims about the nutrient density of the plant have been validated by top researchers and are starting to be widely recognized.” Read full story.

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