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Your Day in Health: The Only Two Foods You Should Eat

Fox News: This Common Grilling Tool Could Send You to the Emergency Room

"According to a newly released study from the University of Missouri's School of Medicine, injuries resulting from wire-bristle grill brushes resulted in over 1,600 trips to the emergency room from 2002 to 2014, based on data projections extrapolated from the Consumer Product Safety Commission's National Electronic Injury Surveillance System (NEISS). 'Loose bristles can fall off the brush during cleaning and end up in the grilled food, which, if consumed, can lead to injuries in the mouth, throat and tonsils.'" Read full story.

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Time: What Sweetgreen's Sriracha Ban Tells Us About Hot Sauce

"Sweetgreen announced a few menu changes, including removing bacon and Sriracha from the menu entirely. 'The second ingredient in Sriracha is sugar,' Sweetgreen said in a statement announcing the change, 'so we removed it from our recipes, replacing it with the natural, sugar-free heat of dried chiles.' They scrapped bacon, they said, for health and ethical reasons." Read full story.

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Daily Mail: Slash Your Risk of Diabetes by Eating Soups and Shakes: Crash Diet Lowers Chances by 90%

"Those who took part in the Preview study found that they lost on average 23lb (10 kg) or 10.8 per cent of their body weight through the eight-week plan." Read full story.

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