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Your Day in Health: July 28

Lack of exercise is only second to smoking, says research...
Your Day in Health: July 28

Health Day: Lack of Fitness Second Only to Smoking as Predictor of Early Death: Study

“Poor physical fitness ranks right behind smoking as leading risk factors for an early death, new long-term research suggests. Analyzing nearly 800 men starting at midlife, Swedish scientists also found that each measurable increase in fitness levels translated into a 21 percent lower risk of death over 45 years of follow-up.” Read full story.

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Oregon Live: Whole Foods Wants to Trademark ‘world’s Healthiest Grocery Store’

“As it seeks to strengthen its foothold in Canada and the United Kingdom, Whole Foods Market wants to update its tagline. The Austin-based grocer already owns the trademark “America’s healthiest grocery store,” which was registered in 2012. In late June, as first reported by Brandchannel, the company applied for another trademark: ‘world’s healthiest grocery store.'” Read full story.

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“Though Greek yogurt isn’t protected with a designation of origin (PDO), the regulation that doesn’t allow makers to label their product as something produced in a specific region unless it’s actually produced there (ie. only sparkling wine produced in Champagne can be labelled as Champagne), Greeks and some Greek yogurt purists aren’t about to let any other country claim the islands’ yogurt and their own.” Read full story.

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