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Your Day in Health: The Restaurant Chain Closing Locations

Never go thirsty again with this new gadget!
Your Day in Health: The Restaurant Chain Closing Locations

Business Insider: A New Fitness Band Can Tell You When You’re Dehydrated

“Even if you drink eight glasses of water a day, you still might not be properly hydrated. That’s the message Dr. Dustin Freckleton wants to get out to the public with a new product called the LVL band—a wearable fitness tracker that uses infrared light to monitor your hydration levels in real-time and offer advice about how much water you need to stay healthy.” Read full story.

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WSJ: Ruby Tuesday CEO Resigns

“Ruby Tuesday Inc. Chief Executive James J. Buettgen has resigned, the company said Tuesday, about a month after the restaurant operator announced plans to close about 13% of its locations amid declining sales.” Read full story.

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Delish: Olive Garden’s Bringing Back Its Neverending Pasta Passes In A Huge Way

“Each one costs $100, but in return, you’ll get seven weeks of being able to stop by the restaurant at any time and gorge on unlimited pasta, soup, salad, breadsticks and soft drinks. There’s a catch, however: You have just one hour to buy the pass, and it’s smack-dab in the middle of the average person’s work (or school) day. It will only be sold on Thursday, Sept. 15 at 2 p.m. EST, according to Olive Garden’s news release.” Read full story.

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