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Your Day in Health: The Best Exercise for Couch Lovers

Is our protein obsession destroying the planet?
Your Day in Health: The Best Exercise for Couch Lovers

Fast Coexist: We’re Creating A Protein Bubble That’s Going To Destroy The Planet

“‘The world’s over-reliance on factory-farmed livestock to feed the growing global demand for protein is a recipe for a financial, social and environmental crisis,’ says Jeremy Coller, leader of the FAIRR (Farm Animal Investment Risk & Return) group. ‘Intensive livestock production already has levels of emissions and pollution that are too high, and standards of safety and welfare that are too low.'” Read full story.

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Brand Eating: Sonic Adds New Frozen Teas to The Menu

“The new, limited-time frosty drinks line features eight varieties (you can also customize your own)…In case you’re finding it a little too cold for an icy slush drink, the various flavors can also be enjoyed in an iced tea.” Read full story.

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SCIENCE DAILY: Couch Potatoes Take Note: If You Want To Stick To An Exercise Plan, Try High-Intensity Workouts

“High-intensity interval training (HIT) is more enjoyable than moderate exercise, a team of kinesiologists has found. It’s the first study to examine changes in enjoyment for HIT workouts versus moderate continuous training, over the first six weeks of an exercise program.” Read full story.

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