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Your Day in Health: October 20

Obama reveals his workout playlist!
Your Day in Health: October 20

Quartz: Barack Obama Has Dropped a Solid Workout Playlist

“As an increasingly nasty election season enters its final weeks, Americans are stressed out. Getting in a few anxiety-relieving cardio sessions may not be a bad idea. Barack Obama perhaps sensed this: The sitting president just shared his fitness playlist—a ten-track medley of sprightly tunes from various eras.” Read full story.

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CNBC: GrubHub Shares Drop on Report That Facebook Will Add a Food Delivery Option

“Facebook could take a bite out of GrubHub’s lunch. Shares of GrubHub dropped more than 2 percent in Wednesday morning trade after a report said Facebook plans to add a food-delivery option to its app. ” Read full story.

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SCIENCE DAILY: Going For A Run Could Improve Cramming For Exams

“Ever worried that all the information you’ve crammed in during a study session might not stay in your memory? The answer might be going for a run, according to a new study.” Read full story.

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