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Your Day in Health: October 28

Lace up your shoes, a new study says competition is the best motivation for weight loss...
Your Day in Health: October 28

SCIENCE DAILY: Want To Exercise More? Get Yourself Some Competition

“Competition is a far stronger motivation for exercise than friendly support, and in fact, giving people such support actually made them less likely to go to the gym less than simply leaving them alone, new research indicates.” Read full story.

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CNBC: Google Just Made it Super Easy to Order Food Delivery

“Just last week, Facebook announced it was integrating food delivery in its app, allowing users to order delivery without actually logging out of Facebook. Now, Google is doing it, too: With an update that allows users to order food delivery directly through Google Maps.” Read full story.

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International Business Times: National Chocolate Day 2016 Freebies: 12 Places Offering Free And Discounted Sweets

“Friday is National Chocolate Day, a holiday created by the candy makers at the National Confectioners Association. Several retailers are offering promotions on chocolate for the holiday.” Read full story.

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