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Your Day in Health: The New Drink That Improves Your Sex Life

Learn more about actress and Fabletics co-founder Kate Hudson's past struggle to lose weight
Your Day in Health: The New Drink That Improves Your Sex Life

DELISH: People Are Swearing By This Hot Sex Milk

“Amanda Chantal Bacon (owner of LA-based boutique ‘Moon Juice’), has just released The Moon Juice Cookbook. Among its elixirs that will magically cleanse your body, there’s also one that she promises will ‘ignite and excite sexy flow in both men and women.’ Hot Sex Milk is not exactly what it sounds like. The base is pumpkin seed milk (Chantal Bacon says pepitas are rich in zinc, which supports the prostate), and gets blended with maca powder, cacao powder, ho shou wu, coconut oil, schisandra berries, and bee pollen. ‘This warming elixir sends power to all the right places while also supporting your primal life-force,’ writes Chantal Bacon in the cookbook.” Read full story.

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MOTTO: Kate Hudson Opens Up About the Challenges of Losing Pregnancy Weight

“In all seriousness, the actress and author — whose book Pretty Happy: Healthy Ways to Love Your Body encourages readers toward living a healthy lifestyle without putting too much pressure on themselves to be ‘perfect’ — says it was a bit of a wake-up call in conjunction with advice from her OB/GYN. ‘Even my doctor was like, “You know, you should try not to eat so much,” ‘ she recalls. […] Handler and Hudson commiserate that dieting is ‘a bummer,’ but the latter insists she started shedding the pounds for the right reason: her health.” Read full story.

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SCIENCE DAILY: Sugar and Sweeteners: How Do They Affect Our Appetite?

“What should healthy young men who want to watch their weight and manage their blood sugar levels drink? Can they risk something sugary or will they be hungrier after drinking calorie-free options containing natural or artificial non-nutritive sweeteners? A new study shows that it doesn’t really matter whether such drinks contain sugar, Stevia, monk fruit or aspartame.” Read full story.

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