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Your Day in Health: December 7

How your thermostat affects your waistline
Your Day in Health: December 7

NH Voice: Exposure to Cold Mimics Effects of Exercise, Prevents Obesity

"Exposure to cold or exercise can trigger the formation of beige fat, which helps in burning stored calories and stay protected from hypothermia, obesity, and metabolic problems. The findings of the study shows that gut microbes allow mammals to extract more and more energy from food…" Read full story.

*OUR TAKE: We're turning down the thermostat, stat! In fact, a too-warm house is #8 on our 25 Things You Did Today to Ruin Your Metabolism.

Science Daily: Fries with a Side of Acrylamide

"Scientists first began paying attention to the unwanted chemical's presence in food more than a decade ago. Trace amounts of acrylamide are present in many foods cooked at temperatures higher than 248 degrees Fahrenheit. Relatively high levels are found in fried potatoes, including French fries and potato chips." Read full story.

RELATED: In a fast food land where a salad can deliver more sodium than a Big Mac, check out Every Menu Item at McDonald’s—Ranked! to see where your favorites fall on the list.

Time: Starbucks Recalls Sandwich Due to E. Coli Concerns

"Starbucks has recalled its holiday turkey panini from more than 1,000 locations upon discovering that an ingredient in the sandwich has been linked to an E. coli outbreak." Read full story.

ALSO: The "ew" doesn't end there; Chipotle E. Coli Outbreak Spreads to 9 States.


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