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Your Day in Health: December 8

Why black raspberries are like tiny superheroes
Your Day in Health: December 8

Science Daily: Looking for the Best Antioxidant Fruit? Search No Further Than Black Raspberries

"It turns out that the amount of antioxidants in black raspberries was three times higher than the other fruits under investigation. Remarkably, the number was even higher for phenolics or the amount of anthocyanines — with black raspberries topping their humble cousins by over 1000%. But most interestingly, black raspberries seem to be characterized by a higher content of secondary metabolites, which have been proved beneficial for human health." Read full story.

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NYT: Overweight at 18 and at Greater Risk for Sudden Death

"Women who were overweight at age 18 are at increased risk for sudden cardiac death, no matter what their current weight is, a new study reports." Read full story.

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Forbes: Exercise May Make the Brain More Flexible

"But in recent years, neuroscientists have found that indeed the brain does retain some plasticity – malleability – and it seems to become considerably more plastic when people exercise their bodies. Now, a new study finds that an area of the brain involved in vision, originally thought to be fairly resistant to change, also responds strongly to short bouts of exercise." Read full story.

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