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Your Day in Health: December 9

Picky kids, a dating app for gym rats, and more
Your Day in Health: December 9

The Atlantic: Inside the Mind of a Picky Eater

"According to a recently published review in the journal Appetite, children enter their pickiest phase of life around age 2. This pickiness generally declines by the time they turn 6, but some developments exacerbate the problem along the way. Around 3, for example, most children realize that parents can misrepresent food. (This is when they grow wise to counterfeit “yum” sounds and spoons posing as airplanes.)" Read full story.

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AskMen: Sweatt App Will Help You Pick Up At The Gym

Sweatt, which launches on the Apple Store this week, asks singles to answer questions about their workout routines, lifestyles and diets before pairing them with like-minded partners. The tech tool aims to connect people with the same "mindset," says founder Dan Ilani, 37. Read full story.

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AP: US Life Expectancy Flat for Third Straight Year at Almost 79

"It's not clear why life expectancy has been flat lately, but suicides and fatal drug overdoses probably are playing a role, experts believe. Some researchers have wondered if U.S. life expectancy will peak, due to the nation's obesity problem and other factors." Read full story.

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