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Your Day in Health: March 2

Daily tea drinkers are 35 percent less likely to suffer a heart attack...
Your Day in Health: March 2

WEB MD: A Daily Cup Of Tea May Soothe Your Heart

"Regular drinkers had fewer heart attacks, less calcium buildup in their arteries, study finds. The study found that people who drank a cup of tea each day were 35 percent less likely to have a heart attack or other major cardiovascular event, compared to nondrinkers." Read full story.

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AFP: Cheaper Healthy Food Could Save Millions Of Lives

"Scientists have been telling Americans about the benefits of healthy eating for decades, and yet more Americans are obese than ever—more than a third of the country. Now, researchers at Harvard and Tufts Universities have laid out concrete steps officials can take by linking food prices to health effects. Reducing prices of fruit and vegetables while raising prices for sodas and other sugary drinks could save millions of lives, according to a study released Tuesday at the American Heart Association's epidemiology and lifestyle meeting in Phoenix, Arizona." Read full story.

VIDEO: The #1 Habit That Makes You Sick and Fat

NY TIMES: Learning A New Sport May Be Good For The Brain

"Learning in midlife to juggle, swim, snowboard or ride a bicycle could strengthen the brain in ways that practicing other familiar pursuits such as crossword puzzles or marathon training will not." Read full story.

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