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People Who Eat This Have Smaller Waists

People who eat this food have smaller waists, science says. Plus, more of today's essential health news.
People Who Eat This Have Smaller Waists

SCIENCE DAILY: Stored Fat Fights Against The Body’s Attempts To Lose Weight

“The fatter we are, the more our body appears to produce a protein that inhibits our ability to burn fat, suggests new research. The findings may have implications for the treatment of obesity and other metabolic diseases.” Read full story.

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WEB MD: Is Obesity Wired Into Some Children’s Brains?

“Obese children may have difficulty resisting food because of how their brain is wired, a new study suggests. The small study found that food smells activated the parts of their brains related to impulsive behavior and obsessive-compulsive disorder, which is characterized by recurrent thoughts and repetitive behaviors. This did not occur in children of a normal, healthy weight, researchers reported.” Read full story.

REUTERS: People Who Eat This Have Smaller Waists

“The researchers reviewed 22 studies. Thirteen of the studies observed people at one point in time and compared their intake of this food, finding that those who ate more of it had lower body weight or healthier body composition.” Read full story.

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