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Olivia Tarantino
Associate Editor

Before assuming her role as the resident science nerd and nutrition expert at Galvanized, Olivia dabbled in Molecular Genetics research, worked in the restaurant industry, and was a managing editor and food columnist for her college’s newspaper. After graduating pre-med with a bachelor’s degree in Biology from Amherst College, where she was captain of the Women’s Varsity Track & Field team, Olivia turned her passion for food, health, and wellness to the nutrition industry instead of learning how to use a stethoscope in med school. Email: otarantino [at] galvanized [dot] com

Christina Stiehl
Associate Editor

Before joining the Eat This, Not That! team at Galvanized, Christina was the resident Health & Fitness Staff Writer at Thrillist. Her love of health and nutrition stems from growing up as an overweight child and finding a healthier lifestyle through working with a personal trainer and nutritionist in middle school. This carried her through college, where she worked at MizzouRec while pursuing her Bachelor of Journalism degree in magazine journalism at the Missouri School of Journalism. After graduating in 2011, Christina moved to New York to continue her journalism career. She has freelanced for various health and lifestyle outlets, including SELF, Tonic, VICE, and Email: cstiehl [at] galvanized [dot] com

April Benshosan
Lifestyle Writer

April is a born and raised Brooklynite who has a passion for all things health, wellness, and tastebud related. Her lifelong passion for healthy eating stemmed from her upbringing, which shunned any neon cheese products or frostbitten dinners, and instead embraced homemade Mediterranean fare. April graduated with a Master’s degree in Publishing from Pace University, where she cultivated her affinity for helping people and tailoring text to perfection as a writing center tutor. Prior to penning breaking news articles, celebrity-related stories, and innovative lifestyle improvement tips at Eat This, Not That!, April was a content producer at OK! magazine. Email: abenshosan [at] galvanized [dot] com