When the first Eat This, Not That! was released, in 2007, there was no way to know how many calories were sandwiched into your Subway sandwich, how much fat and salt a Denny’s Grand Slam slams you with, or how much totally unnatural sugar, hydrogenated oil, and preservatives were in Wendy’s “Natural-Cut” Fries. The ingredients—even the number of calories—in the foods Americans ate every day remained one of the great mysteries of modern society, right up there with Google’s algorithm and Justin Bieber’s ongoing celebrity.

But in those ensuing seven years, everything about the way we eat has changed.

Today, thanks to the work done by Eat This, Not That!, most restaurants now post their calorie counts on their websites and even right in their stores. Instead of hiding their nutrition, chains from Boston Market to California Pizza Kitchen are introducing healthier options and letting us make informed choices about the most important choice of all—what we put into our bodies.

And this website will help keep you informed. It's the definitive resource for weight loss, food swaps and smart nutrition, filled with tips, tricks and recipes to get you the body—and the life—you want….and to change the industry along the way.