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Trader Joe's Is Ending Its Mask Requirement For These Customers

It's likely the first store to update its policy.

trader joes cashier in face mask

Dr. Fauci Issues This Word of Caution for Everyone

The pandemic isn't over yet, says the infectious disease expert. 

Doctor Anthony Fauci

America's Biggest Pizza Chain Is Offering Its Pies at Half Price

Here's how to score 49% off any menu-priced pizza.

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McDonald's Just Made This Big Policy Change at Company-Owned Restaurants

Crew members and shift managers will receive higher pay.


This Tea Makes Your Hair Healthier, Science Says

Possibly your new favorite at-home spa treatment.

This Tea Makes Your Hair Healthier, Science Says
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The #1 Dementia Symptom You Haven't Heard Of

There are things you can do to maintain your brain health, at any age.

Senior woman looking through the window.