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Dr. Mia Minen, MD, MPH

Dr. Mia Minen, MD, MPH

About author

Dr. Minen is a board-certified neurologist with sub-specialty training in Headache Medicine and UCNS Certification and works as the chief of headache research at NYU Langone Health.

Dr. Minen's research interests revolve around improving the diagnosis and treatment of people with migraines by doctors in various medical specialties, from emergency medicine to primary care, psychiatry, and other specialty areas. I am also interested in headaches that are associated with behavioral and psychiatric problems, and in headache education.

Dr. Minen has published numerous research articles and lectured at annual meetings, including those of the American Academy of Neurology and the American Headache Society. She serves on the editorial board of the journal Headache.

Articles by Dr. Mia Minen, MD, MPH

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