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Emilia Paluszek

Emilia Paluszek

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Emilia specializes in human biology and psychology at the University at Albany. She is also a trained phlebotomist with an interest in genetic counseling.

Articles by Emilia Paluszek

Doctor standing in a hospital corridor.
General practitioner and young nurse wearing surgical face mask against covid-19 while having a discussion in hospital hallway. Doctor with face mask discussing patient case status with his medical staff while walking on corridor. Worried busy doctor showing medical report to nurse and wearing protective face mask with copy space.
woman drinking water
stressed woman
Doctor Anthony Fauci
Senior woman using a digital tablet and having coffee on the sofa at home.
Young man making marijuana joint.
The US Just Banned Travel From These 8 Countries Due to Omicron Variant
Woman with hat smoking joint in marijuana plantation at sunset.
depressed young woman taking pills at home
Upset and lonely mature blond female.
Woman in pain touching her back while sitting on the couch.
doctor in white coat is showing palms
Happy doctor making a heart shape and smiling
Scientist examining a test-tube in a laboratory
Young woman with opened mouth checking teeth in mirror in home bath room.
Doctor Anthony Fauci
skyline of downtown louisville kentucky at night
Dallas Texas
Doctor Anthony Fauci
Doctor Anthony Fauci
A mature woman with closed eyes sitting on sofa and holding joint with legal marijuana.
Mature businessman experiencing a headache while working at his desk
Businesswoman feeling chest pain while working in the office.
Woman applying hand sanitizer.
Woman applying an antibacterial antiseptic hand gel for hands disinfection
beautiful smiling girl looking at camera in bedroom in the morning
Infected patient in quarantine lying in bed in hospital, coronavirus concept.
Worried young woman laying in bed sleepless at night