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Erin Hueffner

Erin Hueffner

About author

Erin Hueffner is a freelance writer living in Madison, Wisconsin. She earned her bachelor's degree in English at the University of Wisconsin, where she cultivated a love of the written word. Her work has been featured in American Girl Magazine, BRAVA Magazine, On Wisconsin Magazine and more. Erin writes health and wellness tips for Eat This, Not That! Health. You can find her at

Articles by Erin Hueffner

Senior woman smiling.
woman who is suffering from a chest pain and touching her heart area
Confident smiling doctor posing in the hospital with medical team working on the background
Blood donor smiling at camera on a sunny day
woman holds jade egg
Woman sleeping in bed
girl in casual clothes smoking an electronic cigarette
woman in snow with scarf on her face trying to warm herself
woman with a calm deadpan expression staring quietly at the camera
Passerby calling ambulance for man having heart attack outdoors
Asmathic girl catching inhaler having an asthma attack
The hands of a man who washes his hands with soap dispenser