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Mercey Livingston

Mercey Livingston

About author

Mercey Livingston is a freelance health and wellness writer who covers fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle for websites like Well+Good, Prevention, and Business Insider. When she's not writing about the latest trends and studies in the wellness world, you can find her writing recipes and wellness tips for her blog, and working one-on-one with clients as a Holistic Health Coach + Integrative Nutritionist. In her spare time, Mercey enjoys reading, trying out new fitness classes, and perfecting her green smoothie recipe.

Articles by Mercey Livingston

Close up ofman carving roasted Thanksgiving turkey.
turkey timer
strawberries cut in half in a bowl
Cashew bowl
Broccoli on a wooden cutting board
Cubed avocado
Almond butter
Kale dark leafy greens hand massaged in bowl
Leftover turkey
The best dishes and drinks at by chloe