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Dr. Noor Ali

Dr. Noor Ali

About author

Dr. Noor Ali is a licensed medical doctor and surgeon with an established national health insurance consulting practice serving clients in 34+ states. She is a licensed life, health and annuities insurance professional. She has also achieved a masters degree in global public health specializing in global healthcare systems and how their structure impacts health outcomes. Currently, she is pursuing continuing education in digital marketing from Yale University. Dr. Noor regularly contributes to the medical and public health field with research and community based work in the women's reproductive health and maternal & child health spheres.

She also has a graduate certificate in infection control and prevention.
Dr. Noor Ali has built a brand around bridging the gap between patients and health insurance services through education, information and empowerment. Her goal is to create fresh perspectives on the health insurance industry from an inside lens.

Articles by Dr. Noor Ali

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