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Dr. Tara Scott

Dr. Tara Scott

About author

Dr. Tara Scott, Hormone Guru, helps people find the cause of their symptoms and get them on a path to optimal health. With over 25 years of experience and 3 board certifications in OB/GYN, Functional medicine and Integrative medicine, Dr. Scott has helped thousands of patients struggling with hormone issues including endometriosis, breast cancer, weight gain and more.
She is the founder of Revitalize Medical group and Hormone Guru Academy, a course to help patients improve their hormone problems themselves. After suffering from infertility and curing her own endometriosis, she now helps others achieve that same balance. She recently partnered her practice with Forum Health to take Revitalize to the next level.
Dr. Scott has been speaking (including in a recent TEDx talk) and educating for over 10 years and has taught doctors her approach in 5 continents. For her expertise, she has been featured on The List TV, Women's Health, Shape, The List, Newsweek, Parents, Authority Magazine, and on numerous podcasts.

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