Sure Signs You May Have Dementia, According to the CDC

"Memory often changes as people grow older. Some people notice changes in themselves before anyone else does."

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This May Double Your Risk of Dementia, Study Shows

This healthy habit boasts many other benefits. 

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If Your Mood Shifts Like This, It May Be Dementia, Says New Study

Loss of pleasure can be a sign of dementia, new study finds.

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Simple Tricks to Avoid "Deadly" Dementia, Say Doctors Now

One can reportedly reduce your risk by 45%.

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5 Ways to Prevent Dementia, Says Dr. Sanjay Gupta

CNN's resident brain surgeon says prevention is possible—and easy to start today.

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This Decreases Your Risk of Dementia Remarkably, New Study Finds

How poor-quality sleep can permanently affect your brain health.

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Having These 2 Symptoms Can Raise Your Dementia Risk

Older adults who have both of these conditions could be affected.

Comforting Senior Husband Suffering With Dementia

5 Signs You're Getting Dementia, Like Jack Hanna

The symptoms can be subtle and not always easy to spot.

5 Signs You're Getting Dementia, Like Jack Hanna

Warning Signs You're Getting Alzheimer's, Say Doctors

These symptoms could signal the serious neurological disorder.

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