Dr. Fauci Says We May Be Wearing Masks Into 2022

Herd immunity won't be achieved for a few years, he says.

Woman in city street wearing KN95 FFP2 mask protective for spreading of disease virus SARS-CoV-2.

This Face Mask Mistake Can Make You Sick, Says Study

According to a new study, cloth face coverings only work if you engage in this daily hygiene habit.

Woman wearing cloth mask or face mask in her apartment

This 1 Thing Can Cut COVID Risk By Almost 50%, Study Says

The mandated wearing of face masks works, says study.

Woman holding phone on the street.

The Worst Face Mask Mistakes You're Still Making

Avoid coronavirus by making sure you're wearing your mask right.

sick with a new coronavirus coughs in a disposable facial mask
woman is putting a mask on her face, to avoid infection during flu virus outbreak and coronavirus epidemic, getting ready to go to work by car

Dr. Fauci Has This Message for Face Mask Non-Believers

"If you look at the scientific data, the masks clearly work."

Dr Anthony Fauci

Hazard Alert Just Issued About These Face Masks

They could do more harm than good in the battle against coronavirus.

Hazard Alert Just Issued About These Face Masks

Dr. Fauci Just Said When It's OK to Take Off Your Mask

The director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases was on The Daily Show.

Dr. Fauci Just Said When It's OK to Take Off Your Mask

Dr. Fauci Just Gave the Best Ever Reason to Wear a Mask

But it depends on whether Americans do these things.

Woman wearing surgical protective mask pushing the button in a public transportation.

I'm a Doctor and Here's Why Masks are Better Than Vaccines

Doctors have found no difference between a vaccine and face mask in preventing the flu.

Confident experienced doctor in blue medical uniform frowning while standing with his arms crossed