A note to subscribers of Eat This, Not That! Magazine:

Dear readers,

We regret to share the news that Eat This, Not That! will no longer publish as a subscription magazine. The Summer 2020 edition, "A Summer of Healthy Foods and 75+ Delicious Slimming Meals," will be the last issue customers will receive.

Going forward, all subscribers will receive one issue of Eating Well magazine for every issue of Eat This, Not That! remaining until their subscription is fully served. (The September 2020 issue of Eating Well will be the first issue former ETNT! customers will receive.)

Back issues of Eat This, Not That! are available for purchase here as long as supplies last.

Thank you for being loyal readers of our print magazine, and we hope you continue to enjoy the same high-quality healthy eating and food content we publish every day at EatThis.com.

The Editors