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Anthea Levi

Anthea Levi

About author

Anthea Levi is a New York City-based health reporter and registered dietitian-in-training with a passion for helping others eat well to feel well, from the inside out. The keys to her heart include (but are not limited to) a killer cup of coffee, a tough Pilates class, and a spoonful—or five—of extra creamy almond butter. Anthea has been published in Health, Buzzfeed Health, VeryWell Health, and Eat This, Not That!.

Articles by Anthea Levi

woman poolside at resort with smoothie bowl fresh fruit
plate penne pasta tomato sauce
hair supplements with comb
sticks of butter stacked on top of a wooden board next to a knife
two mugs with coffee tea beans stems on wooden surface
Lemon water
Rice cakes on red plate
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