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Q: What is Eat This, Not That!?

A: Eat This, Not That! is the world's leading authority on what's in your food, and which brands are healthiest, so you can make smart choices about your diet—whether you're in a supermarket, your favorite restaurant or curious about the latest news and trends. By making informed choices, you can lose weight and reshape your body—without restrictions or fads.

A: We may accept free samples of food and products for review; however, unless an article explicitly states it is sponsored content, we do not accept payment in exchange for coverage. Our opinions and reporting are our own and are completely objective. That goes for every book, magazine, ebook and PDF, too.

Eat This, Not That! does have affiliate relationships, so we may get a small share of the revenue if you purchase an item by clicking on a link shared on Items are sold by the retailer, not by Eat This, Not That!

Q: How does this site work?

A: Eat This, Not That! is the country's most extensive source of nutrition information for your favorite restaurants and supermarket foods. You'll find the categories of Weight Loss, Health, Restaurants, Supermarkets, Family and Recipes. We add new stories, roundups and comparisons daily. Check back often!

Q: How do I ask a question or make a suggestion?

A: If you have a specific question or suggestion for the editors, please send it to [email protected]. Because of the volume of mail we receive, we cannot guarantee a personal reply to any questions.

Q: I can't find the restaurant or supermarket item I'm looking for. Help?

A: We are always working on adding new restaurant and supermarket items to the site. If you'd like to suggest something, please send it to [email protected].

Q: How can I change my e-mail address for the Eat This, Not That! newsletter?

A: Add the new address to the sign-up form here. Then, at the bottom of your current newsletter, find the "Unsubscribe, or Tell us a Concern" portion, and click the link that allows you to unscubscribe your old email address.

Q: I'm having a technical problem or I notice something buggy with the site. What can I do?

A: Our site is currently undergoing a relaunch, so you may find pages without photos or broken links. If the site is not loading at all, it's a good idea to try standard troubleshooting:

  • ensure you have a network connection (wifi, 4G, etc.)
  • restart your browser
  • restart your machine
  • delete browser cookies.

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The Eat This, Not That! Shop

Q: How is secure is the purchase process?

A: We use industry standard encryption and secure connection (https), and use partners technologies which adhere to the highest security standards.

Q: Do you do anything with my information?

A: Your information is only used and saved for purposes of using the shop site.

Q: Do I need to create an account?

A: You have the option of creating an account or checking out as a guest.

Q: Where do I go for help or questions?

A: We're here to make sure you are satisfied with your experience. Please email us at [email protected].

Q: I bought a product. How long will it take to arrive?

A: If you purchased a print book, your order will arrive in two to three weeks. If you purchased a digital download, you will be able to download it immediately after purchase.

Q: What is your refund policy?

A: We offer a 90-day return policy for any printed product if your item arrives damaged or you are dissatified. Please email [email protected] with your return request and proof of purchase.

PDF Book Purchases

Q: How do I download my PDF and where do I find my password?

A: When you complete your purchase, your download link and password will be supplied on the following page on the shop site. It will also be sent to you in a confirmation email. If you register on the site it will also be stored in your account history.

Q: How do I view my PDF and save it for later use?

A: Virtually all computers, tablets and phones have the ability to save downloaded PDFs, and to view them. Your device should automatically open the PDF in a default viewer when you download, or when you tap or click on the PDF file. Most computers will save the PDF to a default downloads location for future use, or will ask you where you'd like to save it. iPads and iPhones typically open PDFs in the browser, where you can bookmark it, or use controls to save it in iBooks.

Q: Am I permitted to print my PDF?

A: Yes, you may print the PDF.

Q: Can I use my PDF on multiple devices?

A: Yes, you can use your PDF on multiple devices, but you may not share the PDF.

Other Products

Q: How can I purchase Eat This, Not That! books or other products?

A: We're launching new products and adding them to the shop site, so please visit again soon. Or follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or subscribe to our newsletter today!