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diabetes diabetic diet foods

Your Low-Carb Diet May Increase Diabetes Risk

Know the Warning Signs of Oral Cancer, as Gwyneth Paltrow's Mom Blythe Danner Reveals Diagnosis

Know the Warning Signs of Oral Cancer, as Gwyneth Paltrow's Mom Blythe Danner Reveals Diagnosis

Woman suffering from sore throat.

​​If You Feel Certain Aches and Pains, You May Have "Long COVID," Say Physicians

Signs Your Arteries are Clogged and When to Seek Help

Signs Your Arteries are Clogged and When to Seek Help

Healthy Eating
dry skin

Eating and Drinking Habits That May Cause Dry Skin

being full after eating

4 Tips for Damage Control After Overeating

Thanksgiving turkey

Does Eating Turkey Really Make You Sleepy?


What Is the Sirtfood Diet?

greek yogurt

8 Greek Yogurts With the Lowest Quality Ingredients

walmart exterior

Walmart's Black Friday Food and Kitchen Deals

apple, pumpkin, and pecan pies

4 Best Store-Bought Pies To Save Your Thanksgiving

oliviers & co. advent calendar

9 Best Food Advent Calendars for 2022

Weight Loss
woman in santa hat demonstrates how to get rid of your gut after the holidays

The #1 Workout To Get Rid of Your Holiday Gut

keep the weight off over the holidays, weight gain concept

3 Easy Rules To Keep the Holiday Weight Off

festive woman enjoys holiday foods in kitchen, avoid weight gain

6 Ways To Indulge and Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

woman saying no to donuts, demonstrating how to lose body fat everywhere

5 Natural Ways To Burn Fat Everywhere

9 Secrets You Should Know About LongHorn Steakhouse

9 LongHorn Steakhouse Secrets

The secrets of this chain might peak your interest
popeyes chicken sandwich combo

10 Best Chain Restaurant Deals Deals and Freebies You Can Score On Black Friday

shake shack burgers

8 Fast-Food Chains That Use Highest Quality Meat

Who's received high marks for antibiotic-free policies.
dunkin donut and coffee

11 Restaurant Chains Open on Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving leftovers sandwich with the moist-maker from 'Friends'

Make the Thanksgiving Leftovers Sandwich From 'Friends'

Thanksgiving table with turkey and sides

13 Thanksgiving Leftovers Recipes You Need

You'll look forward to Black Friday this year.
perfect winter salad kale squash apples pumpkin seeds

The Perfect Winter Salad Does Exist—Here's How To Make It

brining a turkey

7 Tips to Expertly Brine a Turkey

Drink This, Not That!
holding coffee cups

Coffee May Decrease the Risk of Diabetes, Study Says

What Happens if You Don't Clean Your Coffee Maker? Nothing Good

What Happens if You Don't Clean Your Coffee Maker

peppermint tea

The #1 Best Drink for a Flat Belly

The perfect weight loss drink for winter.
person refusing coffee

What Happened When I Gave Up Caffeine for a Month

ETNT Health
talk to doctor

I am a Doctor and Here's How to Tell If You Have "Deadly Cancer"

Employee sleeping with the face over the laptop with his angry boss watching back at office

The Worst Habits Shortening Your Life Include Procrastinating, People Pleasing and HPV

Sacred mature woman.

Easy Ways to Improve Your Memory in Seconds by Making Mental Connections

Chris Hemsworth happy, protein drink after workout

Find Out if You're at Risk for Alzheimer's Like Chris Hemsworth, Who is "Taking a Break" After Tests

ETNT Mind+Body
happy woman jogging by the beach on a sunny day

What a Daily Jogging Habit Does to Your Body After 50

woman demonstrates how to gain muscle mass with dumbbell exercises at gym

You Won’t Gain Muscle Mass if You Don’t Do These Exercises

fit man demonstrating how to slim down and get toned with a 15-minute jogging workout on the beach

Slim Down With This 15-Minute Jogging Workout

woman performing dumbbell exercises at the gym to lose arm fat

The Top-Recommended Workout To Lose Arm Fat Fast

Celeb News
Stanley Tucci Has the Perfect Gift for Pasta Lovers

Stanley Tucci Has the Perfect Gift for Pasta Lovers

chrissy teigen eating banana bread

I Tried Chrissy Teigen's New Baking Mix—and Now I'm a More Confident Baker

Kathy Hilton

Is Kathy Hilton's Baked Potato With Caviar Healthy? Here's What a Dietitian Says

Kim Kardashian at Vanity Fair Oscar Party

Healthy Habits Kim Kardashian Swears By at 42