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costco wholesale exterior

Costco Is Opening a New Sushi Counter

Howlin’ Ray’s hot chicken

8 Fast-Food Chains That Serve the Best Hot Chicken

McDonald's Is Launching a New Meal in Honor of Grimace's Birthday

McDonald's Is Launching a Grimace Birthday Meal

costco sign

Costco Shoppers Are Raving About This Dressing

Healthy Eating
6 Healthiest Fast-Food Tacos to Try Right Now

6 Healthiest Fast-Food Tacos to Try Right Now

burger king croissanwich sandwiches with coffee and hash browns

The Best & Worst Breakfast Sandwiches

buffalo wings blue cheese

These Are the Unhealthiest Fast-Food Wings

Bacon brands

The Best & Worst Bacon Brands

Learn the telltale signs of low-quality bacon.
Crowd at checkout at Costco in Brooklyn, N.Y.

Costco Shoppers Are Making These Product Swaps


Ketchup Brands with the Best-Quality Ingredients

organico bello pasta sauces

5 Pasta Sauces That Use Quality Ingredients

dairy cows on farm

Dairy Companies with Worst Food Quality Practices

Weight Loss
measuring waist, weight loss concept of how to lose five pounds quickly

10 Tips To Lose 5 Pounds Quickly

woman measuring waistline, on scale, concept of tips to lose 10 pounds in one month

People Who Lost 10 Pounds in a Month Reveal Their Best Tips

fit woman swimming laps, concept of workouts that burn the most calories

6 Workouts That Burn the Most Calories & Help You Lose Weight Faster

chicken nuggets with ketchup, concept of the worst frozen foods that can make you gain weight

10 Worst Frozen Foods That Are Making You Gain Weight

Friday Saturday Sunday restaurant philadelphia

James Beard Awards Outstanding Restaurant Winner 2023

Ben & Jerry’s ice cream cake

6 Chains That Serve the Best Ice Cream Cakes

Crumbl cookie assortment

5 Best Cookie Chains In America

11th street diner

16 Most Iconic Old-Fashioned Diners in America

best potato salad

10 Perfect Potato Salad Recipes

cottage cheese ice cream

18 Creative Cottage Cheese Recipes

gourmet hot dog toppings

23 Best Hot Dog Toppings for Your Next Barbecue

These toppings are sure to impress at the cookout.
steak chimichurri recipe

38 Greatest Grilling Recipes on the Planet

Yes, grilled dessert is a thing.
Drink This, Not That!
woman drinking black coffee

Is Coffee Good for You?

What can your cup of coffee do for you?

7 Easy Ways To Drink More Water

Adaptogenic Drinks

What Are Adaptogen Drinks?

healthy juice brands
Drink This, Not That!

7 Best 'Healthy' Juice Brands, Say Dietitians

These juices are diet blunders in disguise.
ETNT Health
Surprising Side Effects of Marijuana, Including Depression

Surprising Side Effects of Marijuana, Including Depression

Sudden Cardiac Arrest: A Fatal Condition Without Warning

Sudden Cardiac Arrest: A Fatal Condition Without Warning

Sad man sitting on a bed, girlfriend in the background.

A Highly Drug-Resistant Strain of Gonorrhea has been Detected in the U.S-Here's What to Know

Doctors Say These are Signs of Hypertension, Including Chest Pain

Doctors Say These are Signs of Hypertension, Including Chest Pain

ETNT Mind+Body
fit man lifting dumbbells, concept of dumbbell exercises for men to gain strength

5 Best Exercises for Men To Gain Strength With Dumbbells

woman doing pushups, concept of a no-gym workout to melt belly fat

The #1 No-Gym Workout To Melt Stubborn Belly Fat

fit woman doing sit-ups, crunches, concept of five-minute workouts for slim body

The 4 Best 5-Minute Workouts for a Slim & Slender Body

man holding medicine ball doing exercises to burn belly fat

7 Gut-Melting Exercises You Can Do in 10 Minutes or Less

Celeb News
Taylor Swift

New Jersey's New State Sandwich Is Inspired By Taylor Swift

King Charles III and Queen Consort Camilla

How to Recreate the King's Coronation Dish

Stanley Tucci

Stanley Tucci's "Searching for Italy" Has Been Canceled

Hailey Bieber

Hailey Bieber Announces New Cooking Series