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kona grill sign

Kona Grill Losing Customers & Seeing Sales Declines

Nestle Vital Pursuit new food line sandwich on plate

Nestlé Is Launching a New Food Line for Ozempic Users

people holding 7 brew drinks

This Coffee Shop Is America's Fastest-Growing Chain

Is McDonald's Getting Rid of Free Drink Refills? Here's What We Know

Is McDonald's Getting Rid of Free Drink Refills?

Healthy Eating
two hot dogs sitting in air fryer basket with bun and condiments on the table next to it

The Best Way To Cook Air Fryer Hot Dogs

Healthy cowboy burger

Mouthwatering Burger Recipes to Spice up Your BBQ

image of chicken hard boiled eggs broccoli and cous cous high protein meal prep concept

How Much Protein Do You Need To Eat Every Day?

berries kiwi apricot and guava image on designed background

The 10 Healthiest Low-Sugar Fruits You Can Eat

sam's club frozen foods on a yellow background

The 25 Best Sam's Club Frozen Foods to Buy Now

The storefront of a Publix supermarket set against a colorful background

10 Best Prepared Meals at Publix

Aldi Macaroni Salad & Every Other Major Food Recall You Need to Know About Right Now

Every Major Food Recall to Know About Right Now

best light beers collage on purple background

15 Healthy Light Beers To Drink This Summer

Weight Loss
woman doing jump squats outdoors on cement steps

The #1 Tabata Workout To Melt Calories Fast

focused fitness woman doing mountain climber exercise on yoga mat in living space

5 Simplest Daily Workouts To Maintain Weight Loss

mature female friends walking for exercise outdoors and talking

How Many Daily Steps You Need To Lose Belly Fat

fit brunette woman doing treadmill run at the gym

10 Best Treadmill Exercises for Weight Loss

a photo collage of frozen fast-food desserts from Culver's, Chick-fil-A and Dairy Queen on a bright designed background
Smart Choices

15 Best & Worst Frozen Fast-Food Desserts

Here's what to pick up or skip at the drive-thru.
11 Restaurant Chains That Are Struggling in 2024

11 Restaurant Chains That Are Struggling in 2024

eating fast-food

5 Fast-Food Chains That Freeze Their Burgers

Wendy's Just Launched a Hearty New Breakfast & $3 Meal Deal

Wendy's Launches New Breakfast & $3 Meal Deal

beer battered shrimp

Two-Ingredient Beer-Battered Shrimp

bell pepper stuffed with tuna salad

Go-To Tuna Recipe

sheet pan full of cauliflower nachos

Cauliflower Nachos Recipe

a stack of cinnamon cloud bread pancakes with syrup and butter

Cloud Bread Cinnamon Pancake Recipe

Drink This, Not That!
Orange Juice

6 Best Immune-Boosting Drinks

Green tea

What Happens To Your Body When You Drink Green Tea

unhealthiest sodas

15 Unhealthiest Sodas Ranked By Sugar Content

drinking tea

6 Teas That Burn Belly Fat

ETNT Mind+Body
middle-aged man doing elevated pushups outdoors

10 Best Gentle Exercises To Strengthen Your Body

woman doing hip flexor stretch outdoors under bridge during workout

10 Best Exercises To Improve Your Lower-Body Mobility

mature blonde woman doing sit-ups on yoga mat outdoors on turf

How to Get Six-Pack Abs After 50

happy mature woman in gray tank top and dark gray leggings doing dumbbell lunges at the gym

5 Best Leg Workouts for Women After 50

Taste Tests
An array of Chick-fil-A dipping sauces set against a colorful background

The #1 Best-Tasting Chick-fil-A Dipping Sauce

Dip your nuggets in the best sauce the chain has.
A closeup of store-bought potato salad in a plastic container set against a vibrant green background

I Tried 9 Store-Bought Potato Salads & This Was #1

An array of brand-name cookies and cream-flavored ice creams set against a swirly blue background

I Tried 9 Cookies and Cream Ice Creams & the Best Was Rich and Chunky

An array of classic yellow mustard brands set against a colorful background

The Best-Ever Mustards, Tasted & Ranked