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Nasty Hygiene Habits You Didn’t Know You Had

Here are 5 common hygiene mistakes far too many people make every day, according to science.

Body Parts You Need to Clean Every Night

You may not have to wash your hair every day. But that doesn't mean you skip these body parts, too.

Hygiene Habits That Can Impact Your Lifespan

Keeping clean and tidy isn't just great for your mental health. It's great for your longevity, as well.

The Trick for Getting Fit Using Your Toothbrush

Here’s how bundling tasks together can make you a fitter, healthier person.

The Best Exercise for Stopping Hair Loss

Get your blood flowing—and nourish your scalp—with this particular type of training.

What Going for a 1-Mile Run Does to Your Body

Here's why you don't need to be an ultra-marathoner to reap the benefits of running.

What Happens to Your Body When You Have Sex

Here's how being intimate benefits your brain, your skin, your heart, and more.

Don't Wear This to the Grocery Store

It's something you're more likely to be wearing in the summer than any other time of the year.

Where You Should Be Buying Groceries

It's so obvious, you're probably overlooking it.

33 Worst Mistakes You're Making at the Grocery Store

Double-check that you're making all the right moves—and avoiding the wrong ones—during your next food run.

The #1 Worst Grocery Shopping Error

Now that we're in a pandemic with no end in sight, it's time to rethink how we approach this ritual.

5 Things You Should Never Bring into a Grocery Store

Leave these at home to avoid any pandemic-related issues.

The #1 Thing Grocery Stores Don’t Want You to Do

Any other time, this would be a smart move to make while food shopping—but not now, during a pandemic.