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The 25 Best Casserole Tips

Casserole. The very name is redolent of Betty Crocker and suburban kitchens, of tired moms trying inventive ways to trick kids into eating leftovers. Once you've become a Top Chef addict, the idea of baking a casserole seems hopelessly quaint. After all, where's the challenge in that?

23 Healthy Tea-Based Desserts

Walk into any mall in America and you'll inevitably see a supplement shop peddling enormous plastic barrels of chemicals that claim to shred fat and boost your metabolism. There are more mysterious powders in those places than you'll find backstage at a Coachella festival.

24 Overnight Oats That Boost Your Metabolism

Fire up your calorie burn with these easy and delicious breakfast ideas!

19 Best Yogurt Smoothie Recipes

We're in the midst of a smoothie revolution—the blended drinks have become one of the most popular ways to get nutrients on the fly. But some of them are Trojan horses: What might seem to be a wholesome, convenient meal is actually a sugary, calorie-laden dessert.