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5 Workouts To Do Regularly in Your 50s

These workouts will help you work toward a healthier, more active lifestyle in your 50s and beyond.

5 Floor Workouts To Regain Muscle Mass as You Age

Boost muscle, strength, and physical function with a trainer's go-to workouts.

5 Best Conditioning Workouts To Improve Your Physical Fitness

These workouts will boost your strength without putting excess strain on your body.

The 10 Best Exercises to Target Cellulite-Prone Areas

Regular exercise can help minimize the appearance of cellulite and tone these stubborn areas.

5 Best Free-Weight Workouts for a Slim Midriff

Reveal the toned abs you've been working toward.

10 Conditioning Exercises for Beginners To Do at Home

Boost your overall fitness level, strength, and endurance with these at-home exercises.

10 Best At-Home Exercises To Melt Love Handles

Eliminate excess fat around your waistline from the comfort of your own home.

10 Bodyweight Exercises for Seniors To Rebuild Strength

Bodyweight exercises offer a safe and effective way for seniors to improve strength.

5 Best Strength Workouts To Build Bone Density

Maintain strong and healthy bones by performing strength training.

5 Most Effective Gym Workouts To Melt Belly Fat

Kick stubborn belly fat to the curb with a trainer's go-to gym workouts.

Here’s How Long You Should Elliptical for Weight Loss

An expert shares the ideal pace and length of time you should elliptical if you want to lose weight.

5 Best Full-Body Conditioning Workouts

Revamp your fitness routine and achieve a well-rounded, toned physique.

5 Best Floor Workouts to Sculpt an Hourglass Figure

Slim down and sculpt your waistline with these simple floor routines.

5 Best Superset Workouts To Build Muscle Mass

Maximize muscle growth by adding these supersets to your routine.

10 Mobility Exercises to Boost Your Range of Motion

Boost your flexibility and quality of life with these essential exercises.

Here’s How Fast To Ride a Stationary Bike for Weight Loss

If you're looking to slim down, a fitness pro shares how fast you should ride the stationary bike.

5 Best No-Equipment Workouts for Weight Loss

You don't need fancy equipment for an effective weight-loss workout.

5 Free Weight Workouts for Beginners To Get Lean

Get lean, strong, and toned by adding these free weight workouts to your routine.

10 Stability Exercises You’re Not Doing, But Should

Improve your balance, coordination, and core strength with these exercises.

The 30-Day Workout for Men To Boost Their Strength

Maximize your muscular power and endurance with this 30-day workout routine.

5 Best Strength Workouts for a Lean Upper Body

Work your way toward a lean, defined upper body with these routines.

5 Strength Workouts To Slim Down Your ‘Dad Bod’

Say goodbye to your dad bod for good and hello to a fitter, healthier you.

5 Best Dumbbell Workouts To Lose Belly Fat

Blast your core with these dumbbell workouts.

5 Best Floor Workouts for Lean & Sculpted Legs

Sculpt and strengthen your lower body with these simple floor routines.

5 Best Resistance Band Workouts To Stay Active & Fit

Resistance bands are versatile and convenient, making them suitable for all fitness levels.

10 Functional Strength Exercises To Boost Mobility

These exercises will help keep you moving with ease.

5 Best Strength Workouts for Men To Build Bigger Arms

Bulk up your arms with a trainer's must-try strength workouts.

5 Best Floor Workouts To Build a Lean Upper Body

Sculpt and strengthen your arms, back, and shoulders with these workouts.

The #1 Morning Yoga Routine To Get Into Better Shape

Get fit and boost your energy by adding this yoga flow to your morning.