The One Ingredient Everyone's Adding to Their Coffee

It's not for flavor but for health benefits.

collagen protein powder coffee
rhodiola rosea

Plant-Based Chocolate Tofu Smoothie With Reishi Mushroom

Silken tofu puts the "smooth" in your smoothie.

chocolate tofu smoothie

What Are the Benefits of Using Schisandra Berry?

Learn more about the adaptogenic Chinese berry.

schisandra berry

Plant-Based Chocolate Hazelnut Smoothie with Adaptogens

As delicious as healthy smoothies get.

chocolate hazelnut smoothie in two glasses with hazelnuts around

Valerian Root: What To Know About the Natural Sleep Aid

Valerian root is known as "nature's valium."

valerian roots

Lion's Mane: How the Mushroom Can Boost Brain Health

It's the first research-backed "smart mushroom."

Lion's Mane: How the Mushroom Can Boost Brain Health

Reishi Mushroom: The Health Benefits of This Magical Fungus

It's the mushroom of immortality for a reason.

reishi mushroom

Cordyceps: Learn the Health Benefits of This Traditional Chinese Adaptogen

From boosting athletic performance to reducing inflammation.