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20 Surprising Things That Affect Whether You Have a Heart Attack

Despite decades of heart-health campaigns, heart attacks are still all too common: Each year, 715,000…

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50 Worst Habits for Your Heart

If your car stopped running, you'd get the engine checked. If your computer stopped working,…

50 Worst Habits for Your Heart
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Your 15 Biggest Questions About Heart Disease—Answered

A broken heart can, in fact, kill you. Heart disease—which can refer to several types…

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50 Foods That Can Cause Heart Disease

Toss out these foods in the name of heart health.

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The Surprising Reason Why You Might Have a Heart Attack

You know the major risk factors for a heart attack: Excess weight, a high blood…

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The One Food Men Should Never Eat is Premade Pastry Dough

It may seem harmless, but it's actually not.

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Foods That Help Stave Off Strokes After 40

Over 40? Time to add these to your diet.

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