20 Surprising Things That Affect Whether You Have a Heart Attack

Despite decades of heart-health campaigns, heart attacks are still all too common: Each year, 715,000…

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50 Worst Habits for Your Heart

If your car stopped running, you'd get the engine checked. If your computer stopped working,…

50 Worst Habits for Your Heart
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40 Ways You're Treating Your Heart Wrong

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Your 15 Biggest Questions About Heart Disease—Answered

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50 Foods That Can Cause Heart Disease

Toss out these foods in the name of heart health.

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25 Things You're Doing That Put You At Risk for a Heart Attack

You pour it out, wear it on your sleeve and love people from the bottom…

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40 Things Cardiologists Do to Protect Their Hearts

When you want to build muscle, you go to a personal trainer. When you want…

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The Surprising Reason Why You Might Have a Heart Attack

You know the major risk factors for a heart attack: Excess weight, a high blood…

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What Your Chest Pains Could Mean

Your worst fear has come true: a pain in the chest. "This is the Big…

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