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The Most Effective Diet Ever—Discovered

Going vegan isn't just another fad diet, it's actually the best way to lose weight.

Guys, This Beer Claims to Make You Better in the Bedroom

With the proliferation of 50 Shades of Grey-inspired products, we can't blame you for feeling 50 shades of apathy rather than 50 shades of excited.

Slim Down with These Healthy Smoothies from Instagram

There's no denying it; smoothies are the new cupcakes: suddenly en vogue, sold almost everywhere and the subject of countless Instagram photos.

9 Ice Cream Recipes That Are Bananas!

There's plenty of weight loss advice out there that sounds ridiculous to food lovers looking to slim down. Fast for 16 hours. Pass on the bread. Eat fruit for dessert.

7 Mason Jar Oatmeal Recipes That Come Together While You Sleep

Mason jars are the Swiss army knives of the kitchen: You can store dry goods, pack them with cookie ingredients for a friend and, our favorite, use them to make overnight oats.

10 Protein Pancakes for Weight Loss

These protein pancakes taste indulgent, but they'll trim your middle.

8 Ways to Enjoy Matcha—and Burn Fat

Comparing regular green tea to matcha is like pitting Popeye against The Hulk.

8 Smoothie Bowls for Weight Loss

Smoothie bowl. Sounds a bit of out place in a world that's starting to dish up everything from lobster to Korean barbecue to go.