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Michael La Corte

Michael La Corte

About author

Michael works at the crossroads of food, writing, and education, primarily focusing on the historical and cultural intricacies of differing ingredients, customs, and recipes. He's also spent ten years as a private writing/editing tutor and has worked with over four hundred middle, high school, and college students. Since graduating from The Institute of Culinary Institute in New York City, he's worked in restaurants, supper clubs, catering, and a multitude of meal kits, food media websites, and magazines. In addition to food & cooking, he's passionate about music, books, TV/film/documentaries, his loved ones, social equity, justice, & representation, and his dog, Winston. His words appear in Eat This Not That, Delish, MSN, Redbook, Salon, Mashed, and The Spruce Eats. You'll never catch him using the term "hack(s)." He resides in his beloved New Jersey. 

Articles by Michael La Corte

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