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11 Best Snack Combinations for Faster Weight Loss

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The #1 Food You Should Be Eating Every Day

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6 Best Vegetables To Reduce Inflammation

Antioxidant-rich veggies can help dampen inflammation levels.

Supplements You Should Stop Taking Right Now

They may be doing more harm than good.

5 Eating Habits To Avoid After You Exercise

When it comes to your eating habits after exercise, there are several guidelines to keep in mind.

Warning Signs You Should Stop Drinking Beer

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Signs To Stop Drinking Coffee Immediately

Coffee may have some benefits, but it's not for everyone.

17 Reasons You're Overeating—And How to Stop!

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The Best Foods That Melt Abdominal Fat

Try adding some of these foods into your diet to shed some extra weight off your mid-section!

6 Drinking Habits to Melt Belly Fat

Drink up to slim down in your midsection.

The #1 Best Vegetable for Weight Loss

Eat this nutrient-dense veggie to lose weight fast!

Best Supplements for Preventing Bone Loss

Keep your bones healthy with the help of these expert-recommended pills.

The #1 Best Juice to Shrink Abdominal Fat

This juice can help shrink abdominal fat due to its high antioxidant content.

Drinking Habit to Lower Cholesterol After 50

If you're over 50 and have high cholesterol, reduce your intake of these types of beverages.

The #1 Best Fruit for Inflammation

If you're trying to reduce inflammation, this antioxidant-filled fruit packs a major punch.

Top Breakfasts From The Longest-Living People

This is what the world's centenarians eat for breakfast every day—take a page out of their books to live longer.

Eating Habits to Give Up For Clearer Skin

Food choices have a major impact on your skin health, so giving up these habits is essential for better skin.

Best Eating Habits to Reverse Prediabetes

It does take work and it does take change, but reversing a prediabetes diagnosis can be done.

Effortless Ways to Lose Weight Immediately

These nutritionist tips will help you lose weight without even trying.

#1 Worst Coffee Habit For High Cholesterol

Don't let your cuppa ruin your cholesterol levels.

#1 Best Drinking Habit After 50

Keep this simple habit top of mind to stay healthy after 50.

Diet Tips Everyone Should Follow After 50

If you are what you eat, you want to make sure you eat well throughout your lifetime to protect your health.

17 Worst 'Fiber-Rich' Foods

We all want—and need!—more fiber in our lives. But how we get it does matter more than you might think.

Popular Drinks That Fight Inflammation

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Surprising Effects of Eating Mushrooms

Fun facts about your favorite fungi.