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Costco Shoppers Are Slamming Each Other Over 'Wasteful' Behaviors

Members are expressing their frustration with fellow shoppers' bad habits at the warehouse club.
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Grocery shopping isn't always the most fun errand, and there are certain shopper behaviors that can make the routine household task even more frustrating. Recently, Costco members have taken to Reddit to complain about customers who place their unwanted groceries in the wrong aisle.

"A decision was made. Stop please," one Costco member wrote in a Reddit thread showing a package of raw bacon placed on a stack of shoeboxes. "I don't know why someone did this. Literally the fridge section was across the way," they added.

The Reddit thread has since racked up more than 400 comments, with Reddit users expressing disdain for sightings like these and sharing their own similar experiences.

One Reddit user, who said they work at Costco, wrote that they've "seen worse," adding, "Whole dinners and sides left in the aisles!" Another one reported raw chicken in the cereal aisle.

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Others expressed food safety concerns about perishable items sitting outside of their designated spots.

"This is straight up wasteful and potentially dangerous," one Reddit user said, calling this behavior "way worse than not returning a cart."

Another one added, "Man I really hate when people do this. It's a waste of food. By the time a store associate finds it, it's gotta be tossed in the trash."

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Several others shared similar gripes about shoppers who don't return their carts to the cart corral.

"Way worse than cart abandonment in the parking lot, but it's the same people," one Reddit user wrote. "Just the WASTE is mind blowing to me, not to mention the complete and utter disrespect to employees, the company, and other shoppers. I wish Costco would get someone on the cameras for this type of behavior and revoke memberships."

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This isn't the first time Costco members have complained about other shoppers' behavior on Reddit. Customers have also reported instances of shoppers opening products in-store, likely to try the items, while others previously said they have found partially eaten products in their packaging.

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