If You Spot This in Your Mouth, You're at Risk for Heart Attack, Says Study

There is a link between this dental condition and your cardiovascular health. 

Young woman with opened mouth checking teeth in mirror in home bath room.

Signs Your Heartbeat is Too Slow, Warns Mayo Clinic

Former Vice President Mike Pence recently had surgery to treat the condition.

Republican vice presidential candidate, Indiana Governor Mike Pence speaks to supporters at a rally
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white bread

5 Ways to Bulletproof Your Heart, According to a Doctor

Control the risk factors you can control, says Dr. Monique May.

Woman making a heart gesture with her fingers in front of her chest.
Happy doctor making a heart shape and smiling

Warning Signs You're in Danger of a Stroke, Says CDC

Act F.A.S.T. if you experience any of these symptoms.

symptom of stroke cerebral. asymmetry of the face. angioedema

This Can Lead to "Fatal" Heart Attack, Say Doctors Now

Doctors say these are the absolute worst things you can do.

Woman holding hand to spot of pain area, chest
Female manager working on computer, suffering from sharp chest pain.