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The Foods That Have Been Linked to Cancer

These are the foods you're going to want to avoid, as they have been scientifically proven to be carcinogenic and hazardous to your health.

The Best & Worst Foods For Your Oral Health

Everyone hopes to keep their teeth bright and their breath fresh, right? Well, it all starts with what you're putting in your body.

The Foods You Should Be Eating Daily

Time to add these to your shopping list.

Surprising Foods That Weaken Immune System

If you want to stay your healthiest, you'll want to avoid adding any of these to your grocery list.

What Happens When You Eat the Same Foods

According to experts, it might not be as 'bad' for you as you may think.

Best Ways to Lose Belly Fat This Year

It's finally time to say goodbye to that stubborn fat, once and for all.

Healthiest Pantry Staples to Have This Winter

If you're looking for tasty, yet healthy ways to change up your meals at home, let this list be your guide.

America LOVES These Popular Grocery Items

We found the most popular brands in America's grocery stores and pinpointed the most popular items.

Easy Habits That Guarantee Weight Loss

All it takes? A few changes and soon enough, you'll see those results you want.

These Foods Will Simply Horrify Your Doctor

It's time to eliminate these from your diet once and for all.

This French Eating Habit Might Get You Trim

It'll change how you look at snacks!

The Best Foods for Lung Health

Keeping your lungs in the best shape is a lot easier than you may think. You can start by adding these foods to your shopping list!

The Foods That Are Harmful to Your Lungs

If you want to keep your lungs in tip-top shape, you're going to want to avoid these foods as best you can.

The Biggest Alcohol Myths—Debunked

There are plenty of old wives' tales you may think are true, but we called on experts to debunk these theories, once and for all.

Is It OK to Eat the Same Foods Daily?

Experts weigh-in and explain once and for all that eating the same salmon and quinoa dish for dinner every night is doing more harm than good.

What Happens If You Eat Moldy Fruit?

Spotting mold on fruit as soon as you decide to eat it is something that happens far too often. But can eating it actually harm you?

How Much Weight Is Safe to Lose In One Week?

We had experts share their insight so you can keep on track with your goals, the healthy way.

The Best Weight Loss Pills & Diet Supplements

Looking to lose weight fast? Experts recommend the top pills and supplements to buy that are actually effective.

Can You Lose More Weight By Fasting on Keto?

Experts weigh in on the benefits and drawbacks of combining the two restrictive diets.

The Pros of Adopting a Flexitarian Diet

It's a "flexible" approach to a plant-based way of life that comes with plenty of health benefits.

This Is Why It's So Hard to Keep Weight Off

Have you lost weight, only to find yourself gaining it all back? There's a reason for that, and we've got the ways to avoid the pounds from coming back.

How to Navigate GMO-Free Labels

GMO vs non-GMO labeling can get confusing. Here's what experts have to say so you can know the difference when you're shopping.

19 DASH Diet Restaurant Menu Items

Not sure what to order at a restaurant when on the DASH diet? Look out for these DASH diet restaurant menu items when it's time to order.

Are Protein Shakes Good for Weight Loss?

Before you break out the blender, here's everything you need to know.

Is Popcorn Healthy? RDs Weigh In

Before you start popping, here's exactly what you need to know.

Do Fat-Burning Pills Work?

We talk to experts about what is true—and what's false—about the mystique of fat-burning pills.

Do You Need to Take a Multivitamin?

Looking for the right multivitamin? There's a chance you don't actually have to take one.

Why Is Losing Weight So Confusing?

Shedding those unwanted pounds can be a challenge—and this is exactly why.