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The 3 Foods Jennifer Aniston Always Eats for Breakfast

A-lister Jennifer Aniston reveals her favorite healthy breakfasts—and we're major fans of what she's got going on in her kitchen.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, mom always said. And while experts go back and forth on if this is true, we at Eat This, Not That! do agree that it's vital to start off each day with a healthy dose of protein and fiber. Looks like Jennifer Aniston agrees, too. In a recent interview with Bon Appetit, the superstar said that she usually has one of these three breakfasts: 1.) a superfood smoothie, 2.) eggs with avocado toast, or 3.) oatmeal, a fiber-filled food with heart-healthy nutrients that lower cholesterol. Yum!

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Now that you have those recipes handy, let's get back to Jen. Her smoothies are usually filled with fruits, protein powder, nuts, superfoods, almond milk and "all sorts of other weird antioxidant stuff I can't remember," the actress says. When she has eggs, it's usually two eggs plus a few egg whites to add in some extra nutrient rich benefits, and then some avocado toast. Hungry yet? Even when she makes oatmeal, she adds in whipped egg whites. Aniston really seems to know what she's doing when it comes to the first meal of the day!

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Studies show that eating breakfast will lead to increased concentration and can be an important factor in maintaining a healthy body weight. It also will keep you away from that midday slump that's bound to happen if you haven't powered up properly. (Quick reference: 56 grams of protein are recommended for men and 46 grams for women. So, why not get in tons of that recommended protein from meal numbero uno?) Sometimes it might seem easier to get out of the house without eating breakfast or by just grabbing a high-sugar breakfast bar, but you're only making it harder on yourself. In the long run, eating a hearty breakfast filled with vitamins and nutrients will lead to better overall health—so squeeze a little more out of your morning routine with these healthy breakfast ideas that only need five minutes and five ingredients!

As for adding some of those 'weird antioxidant' foods that Jennifer Aniston talks about, chia seeds and flax are easy ways to enhance your breakfast with nutrients, simply by sprinkling them on top of your yogurt, oatmeal, or smoothie. They're packed with omega-3s, a fatty acid that is crucial to body function.

But just like the rest of us, Jennifer admits to some foods she can't keep her hands off. She says she likes "homemade, really good, fluffy-crispy tortilla chips," along with soft tacos, pasta carbonara, frozen yogurt, and coffee. Based on those first two, now we can imagine why she's on board with the taco cleanse! Maybe in her next interview, she'll talk about how much she loves breakfast tacos?


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