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Your Best Friend Bond With Mom Can Add Years To Her Life, Science Says

Your relationship is an extraordinary gift to be treasured.

Having a best friend relationship with your mom is truly an extraordinary gift to be treasured. Yours is not simply a mother-daughter relationship in title. Nope—you and your mama bear have an unbreakable connection—and science says your best friend bond with your mom can actually add years to her life.

Let's face it: You and your mom have always been, and always will be, legit besties. You rely on each other for honest advice—even when it's not the feedback that's hoped for. You trust each other with your deepest secrets that you wouldn't think of sharing with anyone else. In fact, you call each other first when there's good news to share, cry on each other's shoulders, and figure things out like a dream team when life throws unexpected curveballs. You know each other so well, you could even easily be each other's personal shopper. (Nod that head, because you know all about that telepathic connection we're talking about!)

Sadly, as our moms start to age, they will endure physical changes as well as an array of general life adjustments. With an empty nest status that can extend well beyond mom's home situation, day-to-day living has the potential to get lonely or redundant, which presents a cause for concern. A previous study performed by the University of California found that feeling lonely negatively impacts the aging process in a big way. Read on to learn more, and next, check out The 6 Best Exercises for Strong and Toned Arms in 2022, Trainer Says.

A study concluded feeling lonely can negatively impact the aging process

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The University of California researchers observed approximately 1,600 adults who were around 71 years of age and of a controlled health and socioeconomic status. They discovered that adults who were lonely endured a higher rate of death. As a matter of fact, almost 23% of those studied passed away within a six-year period of the experiment.

Additional research shows the link between happiness and having strong support from loved ones

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Additional research was published in the Social Science & Medicine journal, which observed the correlation between happiness and longevity in adults. The studies found commonalities between happiness and several factors, including physical health, income, and marital status. The constant factor that was found with all happy people studied is they have strong support of loved ones. This includes a network of friends and being married.

A follow-up segment to the initial study checked the living status of participants. Of the survey participants, death proved to be 6% higher for those deemed "pretty happy," compared to 14% higher for those deemed "not happy."

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Sharing some good laughs with mom will make her heart happy in more ways than one

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According to HelpGuide, one of the best things you can do with your best friend—aka, mom—is to spend quality time having some good laughs together. After all, laughter is natural medicine, and science says so.

Laughter is good for your health, as it's been proven to relax your entire body and get rid of stress. In fact, having a few solid giggles together will help to eliminate stress and tension. Joking with your mom will result in her body feeling marvelous, as it will actually release natural happy chemicals—aka, endorphins. A few fun memories will give her immune system a good lift, and make her heart happy in more ways than one. You'll be showing her all the love and a few belly laughs will help improve her blood flow and better her overall blood function.

Spending time with mom will give you extra moments to cherish, while helping her live a longer, healthier life.

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