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Articles by Alexa Mellardo

close-up of bodybuilder's legs doing leg exercise at machine at the gym
high-fiber cereals design
mature couple stretching together in bright living room in front of window
close-up of woman's hands scooping protein powder into a cup to make a smoothie
split image of woman wearing pink sports bra and black workout shorts doing stomach vacuum exercise at the gym
design template of four low-calorie weight-loss recipes, including a smoothie, veggie burger, overnight oats, and fish
close-up of person's feet on scale and a measuring tape in front of the scale
design of Mother's Day gifts, including an electric tea kettle, towel warmer, fragrance diffuser, mug, and pot
healthy mini blueberry dessert tarts on serving board with fresh blueberries
fit, muscular man wearing gray tank top stretching at the gym
fit brunette woman doing somatic stretching seated twist exercise on yoga mat in bright room with white brick walls and windows
close-up of fit woman holding a mug of bone broth in kitchen
happy woman with curly hair in the sunshine in meadow
woman getting ozone therapy facial
mature woman doing mountain pose in front of bright window
blueberry smoothies in two glasses with colorful straws surrounded by fresh blueberries on wood table
Costco exterior on pinkish orange backdrop design
happy woman in green athletic set sitting on kitchen floor eating fiber cereal next to smoothie and dumbbells
three creatine supplement containers on yellowish orange backdrop
Trader Joe's storefront with carts and trees in the front in front of orange yellow backdrop design
Costco exterior in front of pinkish purple backdrop
remedy organics shakes on orange design background
raspberry almond butter toast on white plate with mason jar of jam next to the plate
colorful roasted vegetables on a plate with small bowl of pepper on the side
mature blonde woman stretching on blue yoga mat on grass, surrounded by trees and sunshine
plate with grilled salmon, asparagus, and tomatoes on gray wood table
mature woman wearing white t-shirt and black leggings stretching her legs on yoga mat in bright living room in front of window
fit brunette woman in black sports bra and leggings running outdoors on boardwalk by the water on sunny day
happy mature man walking on a treadmill at the gym
Trader Joe's storefront with palm trees