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Kate Hudson Bares Abs in Bikini Pic From Greece

Here are some of the health hacks and fitness tricks that have kept her in shape.

Kate Hudson is currently on her first family vacation since the start of the pandemic, and living it up. On Thursday the 42-year-old mother of three shared a stunning photo of herself strutting her stuff on the sands on the Mediterranean beaches of Greece in a tiny, striped string bikini. "Feels like summer," she captioned the action shot, in which she is holding two bottles of wine. Kate, who welcomed her third child, daughter Rani Rose in October 2018, has worked extra hard the past few years to get into the best shape of her life. Read on for everything Kate Hudson does to stay healthy, fit, and happy, and the photos to prove they work.

She Signed Up For Weight Watchers


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After baby number three, Hudson signed on as an ambassador for WW and keeps track of what she eats with their app. "My struggle is not in weight loss," she told the Today Show. "Mine is about staying healthy, trying to stay focused and balanced." According to Kate, WW is just as much about wellness as weight loss. "To me, it's all about support."

She Works Out Almost Daily

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Kate has always made fitness a priority, telling InStyle that she tries to work out "at least 30 minutes a day, maybe five times a week. I make sure that I don't go a day without doing something for 30 minutes," she revealed. 

She Tries Different Workouts

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Kate doesn't let herself get sick of her workouts. "I do everything. I have to switch it up, I get so bored," she told InStyle. "I've been loving the Obé app, they have 20-minute workouts that are really hard and if you do them with the proper form they're really effective. I love my yoga apps, like Glo, and I use Body by Simone and Tracy Anderson's apps too — there's nothing better than her abs workout. I love my Peloton. I love Pilates — that's always been my number one."

She Eats Clean


Kate tries to eat as fresh and clean as possible, even growing her own produce. "Always determined to make that lemonade," she said in one Instagram post, next to a bucket of homegrown lemons. 

Her Children Motivate Her


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In a recent Instagram post, Kate revealed that it was her parents who taught her about the importance of self-care and staying in shape, and that she is motivating her children to do the same. "Those who recover together… maybe you can finish the sentence," she wrote alongside a photo of herself and Rani Rose in her home gym. "I grew up witnessing my parents take care of their bodies. People always ask me how I get motivated to stay in shape. The answer is, it's what I know. It's how I was raised. It's engrained in my brain that honoring and working our body is a gift and so I don't take it for granted. I loooove moving. I love when it's challenging. I love being in charge of my results. And I looooove seeing my daughter have fun doing it with me. They watch everything we do! Gotta make some good moves for kids."

She Believes in the Buddy System


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Kate understands the importance of the buddy system when it comes to fitness. "Find a friend that likes to get it and GET IT!" she captioned a recent workout snap with her stylish pal Sophie Lopez.

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