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Leah Groth

Leah Groth

About author

Leah Groth has decades of experience covering all things health, wellness and fitness related.
Whether interviewing the top doctors in the country about the COVID-19 pandemic or wellness gurus, personal trainers and nutritionists to the stars about the latest celebrity health trends, her mission is simple: delivering you the facts, and helping you to achieve all of your personal goals. Her work has appeared in a number of internationally recognized print and online publications, including Shape, Glamour, Health, USA Today, Reader's Digest, Everyday Health, Eat This, Not That! and VeryWell.
She can be reached at [email protected].

Articles by Leah Groth

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US actor Bruce Willis.
Beautiful young woman suffering from backache at home
Female manager working on computer, suffering from sharp chest pain.
Woman feeling bad and trying to sleep
Hand of man holding blue pill.
Mature woman sitting on the sofa.
smiling Caucasian senior woman with short gray hair pinching her cheek
Doctor wearing uniform and coronavirus protection medical mask standing at town street.
Woman having chest pain and coughing while lying down on sofa at home.
Fit smiling young woman preparing healthy fruit juice
Hiker young woman, wearing flowered shirt, taking a selfie photograph outdoors
Woman examining her scalp and hair in front of the mirror.
Young woman with a headache holds her temples with her hands.
Depressed woman
elon musk
Young girl holding marijuana leaf with sunlight.
Uncomfortable young woman scratching her arm while sitting on the sofa at home.
woman using a smartphone on the sofa at home
brunette taking a pill with a glass of water at home.
senior woman with adult daughter at home.
Woman stressed out in an office
Happy plus size woman wearing a face protective mask during coronavirus outbreak
James Michael Tyler
brunette taking a pill with a glass of water at home.
Mature woman sitting upset at home.
woman using a smartphone on the sofa at home
Sick woman feeling chest pain and wearing face mask in a lobby at medical clinic.
Senior woman drinking water in the morning
Mirror reflection of a woman worrying because of wrinkles on her forehead.