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Vanessa Hudgens Shares Exact Workout That Got Her Bikini-Ready

What is the secret to the actress’ fitness success? The Dogpound is one.

In recent weeks Vanessa Hudgens' Instagram feed has been flooded with images and videos of two things: her strong and sexy bikini body and the grueling workouts that helped her achieve it. Without a doubt the 32-year-old Princess Switch star is the fitspiration we all need right now, considering summer is right around the corner. What is the secret to the actress' fitness success? Read on to learn 5 essential ways she stays in shape and see the results (in a bikini) that prove they work.

Hudgens Is a Dogpound Fan


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Vanessa is one of many celebrities who have helped the Los Angeles and New York workout studio The Dogpound achieve cult-like status. Judging by the Instagram photo above, it pays off. "HOT GIRL SUMMER IN FULL EFFECT," the gym wrote on Instagram, accompanied by a video of Hudgens and singer GG Magree crushing a workout. They are seen:

  • Waving battling ropes up and down while squatting
  • Doing planks with weighted leg raises
  • Sliding on kneepads to work their core
  • Smacking those battling ropes up and down, hard
  • And dancing in celebration

In another video she shared herself, Hudgens does an intense exercise band routine. "Dogpound provides results driven personal training with a customized approach including fitness and body metric assessments for benchmarking nutritional programs," they say. No wonder Hugh Jackman, Christy Turlington and Ashley Graham have also been spotted there. "We are an exclusive yet unpretentious community of influential professionals who lead an innovative wellness focused lifestyle. Our team works closely with clients to create regimens that are challenging, dynatic and designed specifically to meet the individual needs of each client."

Group Workouts Are Her Jam

Group of young multiethnic people stretching legs at the gym

Vanessa likes to make working out a social event. "I'm the type of person that needs to be in a class," Vanessa told Popsugar. "I need someone telling me what to do, and I love being in a group environment because I'm very competitive, so it pushes me to work harder than I would if I was by myself."

But She Also Mixes Things Up

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"My body builds muscle very quickly and I don't love the way it looks on my body. So I find the way that I achieve the body that I want for myself is to lengthen, to lean and to tone," she revealed during a recent interview with Parade. In addition to strength training sessions at Dogpound, Vanessa does Pilates, Soul Cycle and hot yoga. "And some days when I have the time, I love doing Pilates first and then going over to Soul Cycle. I love a double up!" she exclaimed. "I always feel so accomplished when I double up. I've been going to this Pilates studio called WundaBar for years and it's just a great deep muscle-training workout. It's not super high intensity but I always feel it the next day."

She Makes Her Workouts Fun

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Hudgens clearly enjoys exercising, as can be demonstrated by her workout clips on social media. In her most recent, shared via her Instagram stories, she shimmies down while using resistance bands, having so much fun in the process. 

Working Out Is a Daily Habit—and She Relaxes After at the Beach


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Vanessa tries to workout as often as possible. "I would do seven days if I had time," she revealed to Parade, adding that she is a morning person when it comes to fitness. "I love starting my day off that way because sometimes I'll have a less productive days and if I've gotten a workout in, then I feel like I'm accomplished no matter what."

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