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Papa John's New Flatbread Sandwich, The Papadia, Is Here & It's Even Shaq-Approved

Ready to elevate your on-the-go lunch?

Papa John's is known for its unrivaled delicious garlic dipping sauce, but now the pizza place just announced it's adding a one-of-kind dish to its menu, and it goes by the name Papadia.

Perhaps you recall Shaquille O'Neal (who's on the board of members at Papa John's) leaked some information about the new menu item back in August 2019.

"Remember the name Papadia, it's gonna be a big one," he said in his video, which he recorded in secret at the Papa John's board meeting.

So, what exactly is a Papadia, anyways? Essentially, it's a hybrid of a flatbread pizza and sandwich and each one is only $6.

"The Papadia is inspired by the 'piadina,' an Italian folded flatbread sandwich from Northern Italy. It combines the original Papa John's crust people crave along with fresh toppings, making it the best of both worlds—it's both a pizza and a sandwich," says Paul Fabre, SVP Product Innovation at Papa John's, in a statement.

Papa John's Just Launched Its First New Crust in 35 Years.

Currently, there are four varieties of Papadias at Papa John's.

  • Italian: This Italian flatbread sandwich is slathered with alfredo sauce and then layered with Italian sausage, salami, mozzarella cheese, and banana peppers. The sandwich is then served with a pizza sauce in a dipping cup on the side.
  • Philly Cheesesteak: This sandwich contains all of the usual suspects in a traditional Philly cheesesteak: sliced steak, fresh-cut onions, green peppers, mozzarella cheese, sweet, and Papa John's very own Philly sauce. Garlic sauce is served on the side.
  • Grilled BBQ Chicken & Bacon: Grilled chicken and bacon are mixed with mozzarella cheese, onions, and a sweet yet smoky BBQ sauce. And because you can never have too much sauce, an additional dipping cup of the BBQ sauce is served on the side.
  • Meatball Pepperoni: Spicy meatballs are joined by pepperoni, pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese, and garnished with Italian seasoning. Pizza sauce is served on the side for dipping purposes.

Hey, if Shaq is a fan, then you know it's something special. So, who's ready to order one for themselves?

Cheyenne Buckingham
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