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Rita Ora's Abs Prove The Workout She Just Shared Really Works

Here's how to get toned abs like Rita Ora.
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Rita Ora is slaying it this month. She attended a fashion show in Paris where she revealed her killer abs in a chic black lacy floor-length dress with long sleeves and a high neck, layered over black underwear briefs and nothing else. In addition, she dropped her third album You & I. The British singer is not only showing off her style A-game, but her toned physique all over Instagram and we can't get enough. The 32-year-old looks amazing and she recently shared how she gets her chiseled abs in a series of photos she posted. While Ora makes her routine look easy, ACE Certified Personal Trainer TJ Mentus, who is also a USA Weightlifting Level 1 Trainer, suggests working with a coach if you want to try the singer's workout. "This whole routine can be done 2-3 times a week for at least four weeks to begin to see results of tighter and more toned abs." He adds, "I suggest performing these under the guidance of a Pilates instructor, as these moves can be technical and may require some coaching to get the desired effect." Read on to learn about each move.

Pile Squats

Rita Ora backstage of the Trafalgar Square Stage
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Wearing grey leggings and a black cropped hoodie, Ora gave fans a glimpse of her workout regime that helps her stay fit. In one of the images posted the singer is doing pile squats, which is great for targeting leg and glute muscles, as well as abs. 

What the Expert Says: According to Mentus, "Doing this type of squat while holding weights requires a lot of balance which engages the deeper core muscles of the transverse abdominal, which braces the abs tight towards the spine. The Plie Squat can help to create a tighter waistline."

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1 Leg Knee Push-Ups

Rita Ora backstage of the Trafalgar Square Stage
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In a video posted with the photos of her intense workout regime, the singer does one-leg knee push-ups on Pilates equipment that can also target the abs. 

What the Expert Says: "This move also works the transverse abdominal as it braces to protect the spine," Mentus explains. "Performing these push-ups on one knee will also make it unbalanced from one side to the other, which works the oblique muscles on the side of the abs and hips to keep the body from shifting."

Side Bends

Rita Ora is seen arriving at Global Radio
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In another video, the musician makes it look like working on obliques is nothing. Side bends are another way Ora works out her abs.

What the Expert Says: "Side bends isolate the obliques, which can be hard to target independently," says Mentus. "Oblique work will help create a complete look of muscle tone throughout the abs by having definition on the sides and a six-pack."

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Reformer Reverse Lunge with Swiss Ball Overhead Raise


Ora shows how focused she is in a video where she does reverse lunges while holding a Swiss ball. 

What the Expert Says: According to Mentus, "This exercise requires a significant bit of balance. In addition to those deeper core muscles bracing the midsection, the rectus abdominal and 'six-pack' muscles must stay engaged as the ball lifts overhead to prevent low back extension."

Swiss Ball Glute Bridges


Swiss ball glute bridges are a fantastic exercise that combines the benefits of traditional glute bridges with the added stability challenge provided by a Swiss ball, also known as an exercise ball or stability ball. This exercise targets the gluteal muscles, hamstrings, and core while also engaging the lower back and hip muscles for stability and balance.

What the Expert Says: "Glute bridges keep the entire core under tension as the bridge is performed. The transverse abdominal works again to brace the spine, and the rectus abdominal prevents low back extension. The Swiss ball adds more difficulty by making it harder to stabilize.

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Here's Ora Doing the Workout

As you'll see from the photos she shared (above), Ora's routine includes pile squats, one-leg knee push-ups, side bends, Reformer reverse lunge with Swiss ball overhead raise, and Swiss ball glute bridges. Each move targets specific muscle groups, and the exercises are known for engaging the core and abs effectively. Ora's workout seems intense but promises results of tighter and more toned abs when done 2-3 times a week for at least four weeks.

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