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Heather Newgen

Heather Newgen

About author

Heather Newgen has two decades of experience reporting and writing about health, fitness, entertainment and travel. Heather currently freelances for several publications.

Articles by Heather Newgen

Worried mature woman at her home.
A thoughtful-looking young woman at home
woman holding heart
worried woman looking at hands fingers
older woman symptoms heart failure
Nutritionist inspecting a woman's waist using a measuring tape to prescribe a weight loss diet
young woman carrying yoga mat, parked further from class to lose weight without exercising
People crowd.
Uncomfortable young woman scratching her arm while sitting on the sofa at home.
A woman suffering from stress and headache, sitting on couch massaging temples with fingers, looking at camera with painful face expression.
young woman in turtleneck eating apple outdoors
Young woman with throat pain while standing in the living room at home.
Woman comforting anxious husband
Surprising Cancer Symptoms You Shouldn't Ignore
Young woman suffering from pain on bed
Doctor standing in a hospital corridor.
Mature woman sitting on the sofa.
woman in casual clothing using laptop and smiling while working indoors
Portrait of stern looking doctor.
Young Woman Taking Yellow Fish Oil Pill.
Silent Symptoms of COVID Seniors Need to Know
Sick woman laying in bed under wool blanket holding thermometer and tissue. Ill girl caught cold flu. Pills and tablets on table.
Woman wearing protective face mask in the office for safety and protection during COVID-19.
Scientist examining a test-tube in a laboratory
Woman rubbing her eyes.
body inflammation
Profile of a beautiful woman relaxing lying on a couch at home
dementia supplement
stomach pain