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Subway's New Footlong Cookies Are a Sight to See, Here's How to Get One

Happy National Cookie Day, sincerely Subway.
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Subway's famous footlong sandwich concept has been one of its main attractions since the beginning. Fun fact: the chain also sells more freshly-baked cookies than any other restaurant company in the U.S. Now, the fast-casual chain has taken the classic footlong concept and combined it with its famous cookies, to create the dessert of every Subway fan's dreams.

On National Cookie Day, Dec. 4, Subway is encouraging customers to celebrate the sugary holiday in-store with the first-ever footlong cookies. For one day only, there will be four decadent cookie creations available inspired by Subway's signature subs.

The monstrous desserts can be found exclusively at a new Cookieway—the brand's pop-up that strictly sells Subway cookies—in a Subway in Miami in the Little Havana neighborhood. The first store with this concept opened on National Cookie Day last year in NYC. They will be available from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. while supplies last, in exchange for a donation to the Subway Cares Foundation.

Here are the footlong cookies to choose from:

  • The Great Pickle: The star of this cookie show is its signature pickle flavor. As the most outrageous cookie on this list, every bite will contain salty potato chips, savory bacon crumbles, and Subway's brand-new dill pickles on top of peanut butter and marshmallow crème spreads, and a vanilla sugar cookie base.
  • The Monster: Peanut butter lovers will swoon over The Monster as it has three different peanut butter treats (peanut butter, peanut butter cups, Reese's pieces) mixed with butterscotch morsels and pretzels on a double-chocolate cookie base.
  • The Subway Cookie Club: This cookie is stacked with three different cookies as an homage to the combination of proteins on Subway's #11 sub. A double chocolate cookie base with vanilla frosting gets cookies, more cookies, and other tasty garnishes towered on top.
  • The MexiCali: Take a sweet trip south of the border, like Subways' #7 sub, with a vanilla sugar cookie base soaked in dulce de leche, sprinkles of mole and corn nuts, and a white chocolate drizzle. To round out the bold, yet mildly spicy tastes in this cookie, it gets topped with ground coffee, espresso chips, and Tajín—a chili-lime seasoning with hints of citrus and commonly used in certain Mexican dishes.

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If you can't make it to NYC for the footlong cookie experience, Subway has another way to save on its baked treats. Customers placing an order through the Subway app or can get $2 off a footlong sub when adding a cookie. You can also now find six and twelve-pack Cookie Bundles available at Subway restaurants across the U.S.

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